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Partner with our Master Coaches through a sustainable coaching program aligned with your needs, that enhances your uniqueness and empower yourself to reach your goals

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During your coaching program with us you can go from your present reality to your future goals and learn how to align with your values. You partner with our Master Coaches who will serve you at a high level of competence.

Our online coaching program offers individuals and professionals of all levels a sustainable approach to coaching. Our coaches will partner with you to hold the time and the space to reflect and share, in order to facilitate new insights and perspectives in a wholly unbiased environment. Your Coaching Journey with us allows you to bring greater self-awareness, confidence and balance to your personal and professional life. Our approach is based on the powerful EpiCoaching Model, that we generated in alignment with the ICF Competencies of a professional coach. This model is highly effective and innovative and it can be applied to Life or Business coaching, to coach groups or teams in an effective, sustainable and measurable way.


Coaching is partnering with you in a thought-provoking ongoing relationship that unfolds in period of 4 to 6 months. During this time you can work with your coach to create a vision for your life or your profession, to identify your values, you strengths and goals and to overcome any obstacle. As a result of this partnership and this work you can establish your unique balance and harmony in what you are and what you do, in order to thrive in the new emerging world, with awareness and ease.


Individuals and teams who are willing to shape their life or their career in harmony with their values and with the results that they want to achieve. People and organizations who are willing to engage in a consistent learning journey and pioneer to open new paths.


This program is available entirely online any time year round for individuals and groups. It can also be delivered to organizations, companies, small businesses and professionals. It is offered in a 1:1 partnership with one of our professional coaches and it is customized to the clients’ needs.

Make a choice!

Take your coaching to a higher level for your own professional satisfaction and for the benefit of your clients, by integrating other skill sets that broaden and deepen your coaching skills. Choose to develop your own potential and your talents to partner with your clients. Make skillful choices that lead to fulfilling outcomes!

What do you get

1. create a CLEAR vision OF your life

By partnering with one of our professional coaches, you can create the vision of the life that you want, and you can find your own motivation to move your steps to create it.

2. move past your blind spots

Coaching give you the tools to identify what is not allowing you to move forward and it allows you to gain awareness of your inner strengths and resources.

3. manage your FOCUS

Time management is outdated, attention and focus is everything! Time is not a renewable resource, our attention is the key to choose how to use our time to consistently move in the direction of our goals.

4. ENHANCE of your well beING

We can only achieve our results when we take care of who we are, of our well being and our energy levels. Through coaching you can become more centered and grounded, so that you regain your power and your energy.

5. thrive in the emerging world

You are here to thrive and the new emerging world is showing us that we need to rethink the way we live our life, we need to access unknown resources to face an unknown brand new reality. You can walk side by side with your coach and create your new thriving world.

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We love to put our experience and knowledge at service of those who are willing to leverage them to thrive!
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Pioneer and open new paths

“I am at service of individuals and organizations who want to pioneer and open new paths.”

Learn Something Every Day

“With curiosity I search for awareness trusting the wisdom of every human being.”

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General Commercial Conditions

We do know the value of commitment, that is why our Academy commits to partner with you until full completion of the program. EpiCoaching Academy has a 30 days refund policy. If after 30 days from the signature of the contract you find that our program is not aligned with your expectations, then you can apply for a refund. EpiCoaching Academy will charge the amount of the coaching/training hours delivered + 300 € for admin fees. With the purpose to choose your investment with clarity, you can read at the link below our terms and conditions that shall apply to all our services and quotations in relation to the buyer.

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