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This program is for you to unleash innovation, energy, and commitment and to become more skilled at listening, questioning, and drawing insights out of the people that you supervise.

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Through our program you can learn how to master and apply the coaching approach—partnering with others to allow them to discover their wisdom and talents—and you can develop the ability to do that in different situations in your profession or in your business.

This approach to leadership and this concept of coaching represents an evolution that allows organizations to thrive in our VUCA world. The role of the manager is becoming that of a coach. The coaching we’re talking about—the kind that creates a true learning organization—is ongoing and executed by those inside the organization. We believe that this is an approach that all managers should engage in with all their teams, in ways that help define and advance the organization’s culture.

10 CCEs Certificate, valid for credentialing and re-credentialing with ICF
Continuing Coaching Education certificate
by International Coaching Federation


Companies are moving away from traditional command-and-control practices and toward something really new: a model in which managers partner and give support and guidance rather than instructions, and employees can learn how to adapt to constantly changing environments in ways that unleash high energy, innovation, and commitment. That is why we developed our cutting-edge Leader Coach program, that allows you to embody that new role, to master the new reality and not only manage problems.


For those who want to inspire employees.
For the front-line managers who are ready to improve their coaching skills and advance their career in the process.
For entrepreneurs, executives, career-changers and keynote speakers who are willing to develop new innovative skills to expand their results.
For those who want to promote greater intrinsic motivation – in other words, inspiring the self-directed willingness to try new things and make new discoveries.


Our course editions begin each year in March, June, September and December. Contact us to enroll in our next training group!

Make a choice!

Take your coaching to a higher level for your own professional satisfaction and for the benefit of your clients, by integrating other skill sets that broaden and deepen your coaching skills. Choose to develop your own potential and your talents to partner with your clients. Make skillful choices that lead to fulfilling outcomes!

What do you get


You become aware of the difference between managing and mastering, and you can apply this skill in empowering your teams and your employees. You overcome the limitations of micromanagement and you allow yourself and your organization to thrive.

2. empowering approach

Through the coaching skills that you develop in our course, you are able to develop and promote a collaborative and empowering approach, pointing team members towards their own resourcefulness and insight.

3. make the unconscious conscious

Instead of providing knowledge on processes, procedures and necessary tasks, as a Leader Coach you learn how to allow your employees to self-identify and self-direct towards the goals. You will allow to make the unconscious conscious, as you and your team can discover blind spots and opportunities.

4. be a better listener

Employees who feel their voice is heard are 4.6 times more likely to feel empowered to do their best work. You develop your active and generative listening skills with awareness and ease in order to use them every day.

5. innovation & new discoveries

As a Leader Coach you can learn how to sail the wind of transformation and lead yourself and your team through change. In our course you learn how to how to point employees towards innovation and new discoveries in order to promote growth and evolution.

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General Commercial Conditions

We do know the value of commitment, that is why our Academy commits to partner with you until full completion of the program. EpiCoaching Academy has a 30 days refund policy. If after 30 days from the signature of the contract you find that our program is not aligned with your expectations, then you can apply for a refund. EpiCoaching Academy will charge the amount of the coaching/training hours delivered + 300 € for admin fees. With the purpose to choose your investment with clarity, you can read at the link below our terms and conditions that shall apply to all our services and quotations in relation to the buyer.

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