How to use Social Media Ethically as a Professional Coach


In this mini class, you will learn from an ICF coach, how you can use Social Media to connect with clients in an ethical and effective way.

You will learn the basic understanding needed so that Social Media, on any platform, becomes a tool for you to:

  • Connect with clients
  • Generate leads 
  • Create brand awareness
  • Learn from your target market/ideal client
  • Network and collaborate with people in your field

The mini class is aimed at certified coaches, professional coaches or coaches who are on their journey towards certification. You will learn how to remain ethical while using Social Media, while still using Social Media for what it was intended for: to be Social.

If you are uncertain about how Social Media can be used in an intentional way for coaches, then sign-up for an eye-opening class that will demystify everything you thought you knew about Social Media.

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