My philosophy

“Stories bring meaning to our lives”

Pedro Górgia
Actor & Storyteller

My Profile

I was born in Angola, lived my early childhood in São Paulo, Brazil, until the age of 9 and started my journey in Theater, in the beautiful city of Lisbon, in 1991.
As an actor I have played several characters in numerous fiction projects for various Portuguese TV channels and, in Theater, I have been Salvador Dali, Einstein and Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland… among many many other characters. I have also been interested in Storytelling and in the art of storytellers since always.

Main Projects

Having been trained in Clown techniques, Mime and Pantomime and Physical Theatre, I applied this experience in the creation of several shows, and also used it as a bridge to the work I developed in the Storytelling field.
Throughout the last couple of years I’ve co-authored and been strongly involved in several projects where Storytelling techniques are explored and used in a playful, effective and inspiring way. Well known projects took place namely “Selfietelling” workshops series and “Conta-me Tudo” an event, that ended up becoming a podcast and a TV show.

We all have great stories inside of us, storytelling helps us sharing those stories with the others

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