Masterful Coaching Diploma Level 2

Learn the ICF Standards of professional coaching through a cutting-edge approach that allows you to thrive in the new emerging world


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Our 130 hours Level 2 program has received the highest level of accreditation from ICF International Coaching Federation because it is fully aligned with the ICF Standards of coaching competency and ethics. It is the best choice to start your career with the skills, the knowledge and the needed practice to thrive!

If you want to become a professional coach and want to learn coaching at a professional level or want to start your career in coaching, this program is the right pathway to choose to go with. EpiCoaching Academy program is fully aligned with the ICF standards and requirements, but we are also flexible when it comes to learning and getting all the needed skills to become a professional coach. We can customize our course to your needs and expectations in order to partner with you to thrive.

Languages: we train in English, Portuguese and Italian.

The program is delivered entirely online and can be customized to meet your needs.

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Our Level 2 Masterful Coaching Diploma allows you to achieve a deep understanding of the ICF Core Competency principles and practices.  If you ever wondered how you can you become a certified professional coach, our program is the right place to start your journey to a new level of mastering the coaching profession through the training and the practice aligned with the high ICF standards.


Individuals who are willing to become a professional coach or go for an ICF coaching credential (ACC, PCC or MCC), professionals who want to learn key skills to thrive in the new emerging world and who want to expand their ability to deal with clients, to communicate effectively with teams, partners and stakeholders and to put their plans into action.


Our course editions begin each year in March, June, September and December. Contact us to enroll in our next training groups!
Individual Masterful Coaching Diploma editions are also available on request.

Make a choice!

Take your professional life to a higher level by learning new skills with an accredited Level 2 Program!  Choose to develop your own potential and your talents to partner with your coaching clients. Make up your mind and shape your career by learning how to become a professional coach.  Make skillful choices that lead to fulfilling outcomes! Below you can have an idea of the modules in our program and the topics covered in it.

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Coaching Foundations

An introduction to the theories and philosophies that have influenced coaching, and still do. Students learn what is coaching and its fundamentals, the roles of the coach and the client including the difference between coaching and other professional approaches, such as mentoring, consulting, training, therapy. Students also learn how modern professional coaching derives from a variety of different disciplines while always respecting their own ethical standards. Students will be invited to create their own coaching definition and to prepare a pitch to present their unique work.


Frameworks and Models

Students learn how each theory and coaching model can be practically applied to coaching, and they learn and practice on how it can be used to support the learning and the mastery of the ICF coaching competencies.


Coaching Agreement

  • The coaching agreement in the ICF Competency Model
  • The agreement in the coaching process
  • The agreement in the coaching session
  • The coach, the clients and all the stakeholders
  • The agreement as a systemic approach in the new ICF Competency Model

Students learn and practice how to structure a coaching session and how to establish a Coaching Agreement, from Goal Setting towards the Desired Outcome, in a systemic perspective according to the ICF Standards.


Values, Believes and Purpose

Getting really clear on values is the first step to get unstuck and moving towards the goal with purpose. The Students learn how to address the Being of the clients and they practice how to listen actively to values, beliefs and purpose in a coaching conversation.


Re-framing a Perspective

  • How to recognize facts vs judgement
  • Distortions of reality, reframing, putting things in perspective
  • How to listen actively
  • How to evoke awareness
  • What is beyond the coach’s questions
Student learn how to evoke awareness in order to support the client to make purposeful choices. They learn and practice to reframing and offering questions to clients to shift perspectives by using some coaching tools  (thinking hats and concepts based on duality).

Coaching Mindset

  • What is a Coaching Mindset?
  • How to develop a Coaching Mindset?
  • The importance of a self-reflective practice for the coach (see EpiCoaching Model)
  • The visualization techniques in order to evoke awareness

Self-awareness is extremely useful in many aspects of life since it is the ability to see yourself clearly and objectively through reflection and introspection. The Students are exposed to explore the benefits of meditation, mindfulness, visualization techniques and other approaches related to well being, and they are encouraged to practice around these topics.


Coaching Skills

The Students learn, explore and practice the coaching competencies model until they get the sense and confidence to dance with the 8 coaching competencies and start their journey as a coach. The Students learn the ICF Ethics approach, included the IS Interpretive Statements, in order to become aware of what is required to the coach who choose to align with the professionalism promoted by International Coaching Federation.


Practicum with peers

Students will take on the role of coach, the role of client and the role of observer giving and receiving feedback of others. This is the perfect space for you to practice, practice, practice and learn by doing and receiving feedback. The Students will be supervised by their mentor coach and they will receive the mentoring hours required by ICF.

requirements to enter our ACTP program

There are no international mandated educational or licensing requirements to become a coach, but there is consensus in the industry on education and training: completing a full coach certification program is highly recommended to become a professional coach and master your expertise to potential clients and to the market.

To enroll in the program you are required to submit your CV and to have an interview with one of the EpiCoaching Academy Trainers to explore your motivation and to become aware of all the ICF certification requirements specification, including the ICF Code of Ethics.

statements for Masterful Coaching Diploma - Level 2

Read here the full statements for Masterful Coaching Diploma – Level 2

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