Master Class: Ubuntu Intelligence in Coaching

FREE MASTER CLASS: Ubuntu Intelligence in Coaching
By participating you get 1 CCE valid with ICF.

In our Academy we have a global view and a holistic approach to coaching. We are honored to partner with different experts to support the growth and evolution of our Coaches.
We choose to open our Academy to cutting edge approaches, who can offer a broader perspective of our profession in this amazing emerging new reality.
Ubuntu is pure wisdom ‘out of Africa’, but not only! Ubuntu is based on the most ancient laws that rules our life and the Universe.

Our colleague Dr Dumi Magadlela from South Africa is introducing the topic during his Master Class
on May 13th at 6pm (Italian time/South African time)


Ubuntu Coaching, the ability to work with clients’ capacity, presence and attunement to the energy and resonance with another in the moment, is a natural flow of human connection.
Ubuntu means “I am because we are”. This means that I am less than I am (or can fully be) when you cannot be fully who you are or can be. Learn more about Ubuntu Intelligence and how to apply this ancient universal wisdom to your coaching profession and to your life.



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