My philosophy

“Explore your relationship to money and shift from overwhelmed to confident, on purpose and in control.”

Mary J Fourie
Lifestyle Financial Planner & Coach

My Profile

I exist to helps others to think about and plan their money and their life in an integrated, whole-person approach incorporating mind, body, and soul. My passion is to inspire change-making; working with individuals, like you, to shift the way that you earn and spend your money to align with what feels most purposeful and meaningful to you.

Coaching Expertise

  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) ICF
  • Registered Financial Practitioner (RFP™️) FPI SA 
  • ICF Mentor Coach 
  • ICF SA Ambassador for Professional Coaching in the Financial Services Sector 
  • +600 coaching hours 
  • Founder My Journey 2 Freedom 
  • Co-Founder of Money Talks Development Financial Coach Training School 
  • iEQ9 Integrated Enneagram Solutions Accredited Practitioner

“Your ability to create wealth and stay wealthy is not dependent on how much you earn, it is dependent on your habits and choices. Do you have a healthy money mindset and money habits?”

Lifestyle Financial Planner & Coach

Everything I do is about freedom.

I am a curious explorer, fascinated by humans and how the integration of our mind, body and spirit makes us whole Beings, impacting our experience of this Life. It is this curiosity that has led me to do the work that I do today with a focus on intentional financial wellness created by a healthy money mindset and habits. This focus comes about as a result of my own Life experience, losing my father at a young age and being brought up by a single-mother with one source of income and a desperate desire to survive. My curiosity has allowed me to create a different path.

I believe that we were born to not just survive, but to thrive! I believe that you can create your own path to living a free, purposeful and fulfilling Life. I will help you think about and take your next step by having powerful and courageous conversations with you. My skill lies in being able to facilitate subtle disruptions to your reality, challenging your existing thought structures in order to help you examine and shift your beliefs and feelings. By going deep and exploring within you will be empowered to make the shifts in behaviour required to generate different results for yourself so you can live your purpose AND be financially free.

I lives by my values of freedom created by connection to myself, others and a higher power; contribution of something that will change the world in some way and awareness of my response-ability towards others. This philosophy and approach to Life filters through all my work, whether working directly with Lifestyle Financial Planning & Coaching clients or in training Professional Financial Coaches to do the same.

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