My philosophy

“Aligning who you are authentically with what you want to do is the greatest gift I could give to my clients”

Krystle Kustanovich
The Millennial Coach

My Profile

My life’s purpose is to build people up and work with their potential. I believe that we all have our own magic sparkle and once you acknowledge and own it, nothing can stop you.

Coaching Expertise

  • Certified Coach
  • +200 coaching hours
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Coaching (South African College of Applied Psychology)

Other Expertise:

  • Master’s in Arts: Applied Drama & Theatre (University of Cape Town)
  • Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn)
  • Brand Identity & Niche Clarification
  • Facebook and Instagram Ads

“I believe there are no mistakes, only lessons”

Coach and Social Media Mentor

I am a Millennial Multipotentialite Extraordinaire with a diverse background in Education, Theatre, Training, Sales, Marketing, Social Media Mentoring and Personal & Business Coaching.
It was during my Postgraduate studies in Coaching that I discovered the power of Social Media and how we can use it as a tool for our coaching businesses! Social Media has given me the platform to create brand awareness, connect with my audience, learn from my niche, and attract paying clients.

I have used Social Media exclusively to market my coaching services since 2019. 

And the impact has been incredible. Thus far I have coached just over 80 individuals, been a guest speaker with companies in Italy, India, America, and South Africa and have connected with over 200 coaches from all over the world.

Using Social Media authentically and ethically have become a passion for me, and I absolutely love sharing my expertise with other coaches who want to use it for their coaching businesses too.

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