KARMA Coaching Model: a journey with a lot of Wow’s!

(Article written by Tiago Caré, Coach-In-Training, Member of EpiCoaching Academy)


Was that Karma?  Find it out in this small article.
One of the challenges of my Coaching Certification was to build my own coaching model, a challenge that at the beginning looked like building a whole new world. But piece by piece it was built.

I had just learned that Coaching is action. Wow!!!…I love this! Conscious action! I really need this word in my model!

By reviewing my own experience of 20 years working with people, in my opinion, what is also important to our lives, to our performance, to obtain results and to be happy, is that we know our own Selves, and accept us as we are.
We can only change and act consciously, when we know and who we really are.

Wow!!!  Suddenly I realized that I already had 3 words that mean a lot to me and I want to have them in my model: Action, Knowledge, Acceptance. And to act in a conscious way, we need to have the possibility to make choices, and in order to make choices we need to have options.
If we have only one option, the decision is already made, there is no consciously action, it is only action. And our choices to act, must be according to who we are and for that, we need to know our Selves and definitely to accept our Self.

And when I put all the words together:

Know your Self, Accept your Self, Reassess Options, Make Choices, Act
Wow!!! A new word emerged… KARMA

Karma? Karma Model? No way, I can´t use it, even though it makes absolute sense to me and it resonates in me. According to what I knew, Karma was destiny without choice so I couldn’t use it because like that no one would do business with me!
I was completely devastated … there is no relationship between conscious action and Karma so I cannot use it!

Well, since I am a persistent guy, I said to myself, come on, let´s explore a little bit more and suddenly I was saved by Wikipedia!
Wow!!! Karma is a word with its origin in Sanskrit which mean ACTION!
That is simply perfect!
Everything come together!

I love my Model – Karma Coaching, because is 100% about coaching, is 100% about me.
Was that Karma? It is definitely a big YES!

Yes! It is connected with my Self.
Yes! It is connected with my experiences.
Yes, it is my option to go further.
Yes, it is a conscious choice
Yes, it is action.

And now, let´s find a logo! What is the Karma symbol?

It is nice, but it is not for my model…this is an endless knot…and coaching is not an endless knot, in coaching we partner and co-create with our clients to untie possible knots and that has a structure with a beginning and with an ending.


I was convinced that Karma and Dharma were somehow related to each other, so I moved on with my searching: and again, this result was the amazing ultimate WOW !!! and choice was done!

Would you like to know why?
Find it out in my next article where I will explain the meaning of my logo from a coaching perspective.
Stay tuned and follow our Blog!


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