How to use Social Media Ethically as a Professional Coach

with Krystle Kustanovich, The Millennial Coach

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In this mini class, you will learn from an ICF coach, how you can use Social Media to connect with clients in an ethical and effective way.

You will learn the basic understanding needed so that Social Media, on any platform, becomes a tool for you to:

  • Connect with clients
  • Generate leads 
  • Create brand awareness
  • Learn from your target market/ideal client
  • Network and collaborate with people in your field

The mini class is aimed at certified coaches, professional coaches or coaches who are on their journey towards certification. You will learn how to remain ethical while using Social Media, while still using Social Media for what it was intended for: to be Social.

 If you are uncertain about how Social Media can be used in an intentional way for coaches, then sign-up for an eye-opening class that will demystify everything you thought you knew about Social Media.


You will receive step-by-step actions that can be implemented immediately after class.
This ensures that your Social accounts are set up for optimization.


How to use Social Media Ethically as a Professional Coach

26 May 2021 - 18.00 - 20.00 CET TIME

This Mini Class is a 2 hours interactive class that aims to remove any of the uncertainty you may feel about using Social Media and will empower you with the information you need to use it as a tool for your coaching business.

When you sign up, you will receive a workbook that you can fill in and follow along with, as well as checklists and guides that you can use to implement what you learn as soon as you leave!
There are opportunities to ask questions at the end of the mini-class.

the mini-class includes:

SOLD OUT! No ticket left

The Trainer

Krystle Kustanovich

the millenNial coach

I am a Millennial Multipotentialite Extraordinaire with a diverse background in Education, Theatre, Training, Sales, Marketing, Social Media Mentoring and Personal & Business Coaching.

It was during my Postgraduate studies in Coaching that I discovered the power of Social Media and how we can use it as a tool for our coaching businesses! Social Media has given me the platform to create brand awareness, connect with my audience, learn from my niche, and attract paying clients.

I have used Social Media exclusively to market my coaching services since 2019. 

And the impact has been incredible. Thus far I have coached just over 80 individuals, been a guest speaker with companies in Italy, India, America, and South Africa and have connected with over 200 coaches from all over the world.

Using Social Media authentically and ethically have become a passion for me, and I absolutely love sharing my expertise with other coaches who want to use it for their coaching businesses too.

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