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Frequently Asked Questions

Sure, all our courses are fully online, you can attend to our courses through Zoom from wherever you are located. You can either join our groups or you can opt for individual training or mentoring. We have been extensively offering training online in the last 10+ years, our trainers and mentors are fully skilled and competent to allow you to have a pleasant experience. We are flexible and we are committed to offer you an enjoyable professional training or coaching journey. You can learn with ease…with us!

We mostly train in English and our clients and students are from different countries and different continents. We also offer our courses in Portuguese and Italian language.

We know very well that investing in yourself and in your future is one of the best and most rewarding investment in your life! That is why we always offer a free meeting on Zoom to all those who contact us to get information about our programs. We are more than happy to spend some time with our clients, to get to know each other and to answer all their questions in a Zoom chat. This is the best way to allow them to clarify what they want, to understand what EpiCoaching Academy can offer them and to value if our programs are aligned with their expectations.

Our programs are offered to small groups and they follow a syllabus that gives a structure to the course. It is always possible to buy an individual version of each of our programs and in this case we can customize the content and the length of the program to the client’s needs. In case of programs that received CCEs from ICF, the customization can happen within the perimeter of the ICF requirements.

Our Trainers are MCC – Master Certified Coaches – and  PCC – Professional Certified Coaches, which means that they have received the highest credentials from International Coaching Federation! Our Mentors at EpiCoaching Academy are Mentor Coaches in the ICF Mentor Registry, and they are MCC and PCC Coaches. Besides our Faculty Members have also developed key skills and experience as MCC and PCC Credentialing Assessors at ICF – International Coaching Federation. Moreover, our Faculty Members developed 25+ years of experience in professional training, mentoring and coaching. They have trained, mentored and coached worldwide in different continents and they have been partnering with a high number of leaders, managers, executives and professionals to allow them to thrive in what they do. They are passionate about sharing with you their long experience, their love for the coaching and training profession and they are committed in sharing with you their tools that supports you to lead in the new emerging world.

You can find the duration of each course in its specific page in our website. We offer different training programs for different needs, for individuals and groups. We also offer two different types of coaching programs to meet the different expectations, goals and budget of our clients. Our full Mentor Coaching Experience can also be offered in small portions of 5 hours each (with 5 CCEs each) for those who are in need to add more CCEs on the path towards their ICF credential.

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If you have any other question, please contact us and chat with one of our Trainers/Mentors

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