My philosophy

“I support people on their journey to get what they want by becoming who they really are and want to be”

Emanuela Mazza
PCC Coach, Trainer and Author

My Profile

I am a wayfarer, halfway between a traveller and an explorer. With curiosity and passion I support people to take steps they want and need to rediscover and rekindle their own spark in order to enlighten themselves and others. My aim is to give back what I received and learnt.

Coaching & Training Expertise

  • Professional Certified Coach ICF
  • Success Unlimited Network Coach
  • Communication Skills in Healthcare lecturer at Catholic University of Sacred Heart
  • National Representative of EACH – International Association for Communication in Healthcare
  • Co-founder together with Robert Dilts of Success Factor Modeling for Healthcare study
  • NLP Master Trainer
  • Trainer in the Italian Association of Trainers (AIF) Professional Trainers Registry
  • Author of three books about Coaching and Communication Skills in Healthcare
  • 2.000+ Coaching hours
  • 8.000+ Training hours

Purpose is the reason we travel. Passion is the light that illuminates our path.

PCC Coach, Trainer and Author

I am a mother of four children, a Professional Certified Coach (PCC ICF), a Coach Trainer, a NLP Master Trainer and a Lecturer about Communication Skills in Health at Catholic University of the Sacred Heart.

I have been working many years in the Communication & Marketing field. When I was 34 years old I was struck by a fulminant hepatitis that forced me to a liver transplant in emergency. My clinical path allowed me to “be reborn and to give myself a second chance”.
Since then I’ve been training thousands of Health Professionals and students about communication skills in Healthcare. I love to support my clients to become aware of their resources, get their goals for their personal and professional growth, by developing the skills they need and achieving a more meaningful life.
I created and managed coaching and training programs with companies, managers, executives, entrepreneurs and professionals. I developed with Robert Dilts the Success Factor Modeling for Healthcare study, a research on success factors in Healthcare Ecosystem.
I wrote three books about my personal experience, Life Coaching and Communication Skills in Healthcare.
My purpose is to give back what I received and learnt to provide value.
I continue my journey by learning everyday, from my clients too.

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