Crescer Coaching Model by Joana Proença

When, early in my Coaching certification process, I was asked by Angela Gaehtgens at EpiCoaching Academy to create my own Coaching model, many doubts and uncertainties arose, namely what is this model and what would be its usefulness in my future Coaching experience.

Having always been sure that the niche where I intended to develop activity would be within the scope of Education (students/teachers and parents), I started this process of reflection, exploration and discovery by writing on a white sheet all those words that came to me and that would do sense in the Education niche.

The words that came to me then were Education, Future, Possibilities, Paths, Child, Youth, Family, Connection, Evolution, Values, Growth and Self-knowledge.

And now, how can I put all these words, ideas and values ​​in a single model that would meet my life purpose and guide me in my future action in Educational Coaching? And what did I intend to “offer” my future clients with Coaching? It was in this context that a simple word emerged, but with a strong impact for me, as it is not a “simple” word, but a word that has several implications and readings. That word was CRESCER (GROW). Yes, as simple as that… And Grow, why? Because unequivocally, when we refer to children and young people, we associate them with the process of physical and also psychic growth as individuals in the process of transformation and evolution.

Having then a starting point, now “only” needed to give body and shape to that “small” word…
And so, I started to play with this word and its respective letters. From that moment on, everything unfolded so naturally that I couldn’t believe it! It seemed that, now yes, I had found my guiding line and my essence as a future Coach: helping my future Clients to Grow in different areas of their lives, allowing them to explore new paths and possibilities and, through their self-reflection and self-discovery, make conscious and responsible decisions.

And in this way my model began to take shape and from Crescer it became an acronym with meaning, intention and purpose: Conhecer (Knowing); Responsabilizar (Accountability); Escolher (To choose); Sonhar/Ser (Dreaming/Being); Conectar (To connect); Evoluir (To evolve); Reescrever (Rewrite).


Crescer has origin in Latin crescere, which means to sprout, to increase, to multiply.

This is one of the Coaching fundamentals; lead the individual to sprout from their essence and their true Selves, leading them to multiply their possibilities and develop in its several life areas.

In their growth process, the Clients are challenged to explore their selves, the options that they have and to make choices that help them to promote their personal and professional growth.


Conhecer (To Know)

  • Know your Self
  • Know your potential
  • Know what your life goals are and what you want to achieve
  • Know your options and the ones that best suit your personality and life purpose

The Coach facilitates Clients self-reflection and self-discovery, asking questions that allows them to reflect consciously, about themselves,  their values ​​and according to both, the objectives they intend to achieve, as well as to obtain a commitment of an action plan to achieve them.


Responsabilizar (Accountability)

  • Be responsible for your life (be responsible for the paths you embrace)
  • Be responsible for decision-making and actions you put into practice
  • Be responsible for looking for options that can contribute to personal growth / development

The Coaching process facilitates self-discovery, self-awareness and decision making. In this exploration process the Clients will find options/possibilities and make their own choices that allows them to increase their wellness and happiness.


Escolher (To Choose)

  • Make your own choices based on self-knowledge and the paths that are at disposal
  • Having the ability to understand that every path is possible

Every day, every moment we make choices. The role of the Coach is to increase client’s awareness to make conscious choices, choosing the best one according with their values, life purpose and needed resources


Sonhar/Ser (To Dream/To Be)

  • Ability to dream and be yourself
  • Realize what your dreams, motivations and values ​​are and allow yourself to dream about what you want to be in its fullness
  • Understand your life purpose, so that your choices and decisions are aligned with it

The space of trust and security that is created in Coaching sessions must be a place for Clients to “dream” and allows themselves to be what they truly are, without judgments. It is in this safe space that the Clients will be able to give hope to their dreams and expectations, understanding that this can be a starting point for their process of self-discovery, self-responsibility and transform dreams into actions.


Conectar (To Connect)

  • Connect with your Self
  • To be connected here and now, showing a sense of belonging to your surrounding world
  • Explore different contexts/ experiences that foster/ reinforce the connection
  • To be assertive

Establishing connection with themselves and understand their feelings, emotions and thoughts.

In order to establish connections between the different elements and areas of their life, the Clients must be aware of the importance of the relationship that all these elements have in their lifes.

Communicate with others in a positive and assertive way.


Evoluir (To Evolve)

  • Allow yourself to evolve according to your own life’s experiences
  • Have the confidence and audacity for personal growth, accepting the changes that may result from it

Coaching is a process that facilitates self-reflection and self-discovery.
To create awareness of steps and resources needed to put client’s dreams into action the coach will facilitate clients awareness, about themselves, the situation and the others.


Reescrever (To Rewrite)

  • Be able to, through the process of self-reflection and self-discovery, take different paths in your life and thus rewrite your personal history
  • To be able to accept in a calm and genuine way your new journey
  • By rewriting your life, you were able to close the gap between the initial state and the desired state.

By the end of the Coaching process, the clients acquired more awareness of themselves, how to choose paths and make decisions which will allow them to make the changes they consider necessary, in order to achieve the desired wellbeing

By the moment the Clients embrace the new choices and paths, they have rewritten their lives.




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