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How many times did you set goals at the beginning of each year? You were determined to carry on with your commitments, you had the energy and you were happy of that.
And how many times, around Carnival time in February…those intentions were almost forgotten or disregarded?

🤝 You are in good company! That is why you need to support yourself and connect with others.

Join us and meet a community of like-minded people who are willing to let their life and their profession flourish.

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on February 10th, 2021 at 6pm Central European Time (CET)
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🎯 Come ready to create your 2021 Vision Board!

Bring photos, images, colors, pens, other items you want to add to your board, that will allow you to create your next steps towards who want to be. You can select the images on your PC or Tablet or iPhone, you can create a virtual portable Vision Board, no need to have paper and pencils 😃

Just bring YOU!


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The value of silence in coaching

In our modern society, verbal communication has clearly prevailed over the dimension of listening to oneself and others, and vital space for other means of communication has been taken away from our lives. Sensory communication in fact provides a wide range of means available to the individual in order to  communicate with others: a communication

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Believing in your dream is the only way to make it happen

I want to share with you my story, a story that was born in 2017, when I made a clear point in my life: I wanted to start building the foundations to make my dream come true, a dream that I cultivated for a long time: developing a work project within the next 5 years,

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Phoenix Coaching Model

During my journey to get my certification as a Professional Coach with EpiCoaching Academy, I had the opportunity to create my own coaching model. I have chosen to create a model that represents not only the path that my clients can have with me through my coaching program, but also my essence and my identity.

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Epigenetics and coaching

One Sunday morning, I attended the presentation of a course and I had the pleasure to meet Dr. Roberta Veneroni, a biotechnologist. She gave a brief speech and the message of her speech allowed me to have clarity about the connection between epigenetics and the identity of a Coach. Then a journey began in my

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Trust…and let it happen!

In December 2020, following a deep reflection and a personal selection of the courses available to become a professional coach, I began the much sought after and desired path, the ACTP EpiCoaching Academy ‘Masterful Coaching Diploma’. I have always been determined about my desire to be an ICF Certified Coach, what I did not know

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Finding your Life Purpose through Purpose Mining

Purpose Mining is a gamification technique for purpose discovery that works within the context of business and society transformation. This methodology promotes the connection of people and organizations to their purposes, based on the premise that transformations happen through people, are sustainable when aligned with the purpose, and have a great impact based on the

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