Commercial Conditions

With the purpose to choose your investment with clarity, you can read below our terms and conditions that shall apply to all our services and quotations in relation to the buyer.

1. Conditions for the sale of EpiCoaching Academy courses

Online Course: course delivered entirely online via Zoom

Certificate: proof that you have passed the final exam and/or that you have completed the prescribed number of hours in the program, issued by EpiCoaching Academy, on paper or in electronic format.

Exam: a test of knowledge and demonstration of mastering the competencies related to the program, that leads to the recognition of a level of knowledge and mastery as outlined by EpiCoaching Academy and by the ICF International Coaching Federation. The exam may be taken as a paper based test, a presentation or dissertation or online.

Contract/Agreement: the business proposal with the conditions for the sale of courses.

2. Course enrollment confirmation

EpiCoaching Academy reserves the right to check that the training contract, including the consent to use personal data, has been filled in correctly and signed by the Client. Course enrollment should not be considered confirmed until the signed contract has been received by EpiCoaching Academy from the Client and until payment has been received by EpiCoaching Academy by the Client, in line with the method and timing outlined in the agreement.

3. Exam and Certificate

When an exam is required to complete one of our courses, the exam dates will be scheduled by EpiCoaching Academy and communicated to the Students during the course. In any case, the Certificates will only be issued to the Client after all the requirements for the certification are met and after the payment for the whole course has been completed.

4. Cancellation and refund

We do know the value of commitment, that is why our Academy commits to partner with you until full completion of the program. EpiCoaching Academy has a 30 days refund policy. If after 30 days from the signature of the contract you find that our program is not aligned with your expectations, then you can apply for a refund. EpiCoaching Academy will charge the amount of the coaching/training hours delivered + 300 € for admin fees. With the purpose to choose your investment with clarity, you can read at the link below our terms and conditions that shall apply to all our services and quotations in relation to the buyer.

For cancellations from the Masterful Coaching Diploma, EpiCoaching Academy will charge the amount of 520 € to cover the training hours delivered and all the admin fees.

A refund cannot be given to participants who don’t take or complete the course after 30 days from purchase. In this case EpiCoaching Academy offers to the client a compensation for the remaining amount through other services offered by our Academy.

5. Postponement or cancellation of scheduled courses

EpiCoaching Academy reserves the right to cancel or modify the course dates, by informing the Participants of this within 5 working days from the beginning of the course. The course may be postponed on two consecutive occasions. On the third postponement, the Client may ask for the transfer of the paid sum for the course to other initiatives/courses. Any other form of compensation for the Client from EpiCoaching Academy is excluded.

6. Privacy and use of personal data

The information communicated by the Participants to EpiCoaching Academy will be used exclusively to meet the objectives required by the courses and will be used in line with the security and confidentiality measures required by the law relating to the use of personal data.
See our Privacy Policy at this link.

7. Prerequisites to participate in our courses

The Client declares to have fully understood which are the prerequisites needed to enroll and participate in the EpiCoaching Academy courses and/or to take the final exams. Furthermore, the Client declares to having met all the required prerequisites.

8. Royalties

The courses and related materials are the exclusive property of EPiCoaching Academy. It is therefore forbidden to make any kind of copy or reproduce the material or distribute to third parties any of the content of the courses, even partially, without prior written authorisation from EpiCoaching Academy.

9. Complaints

For any complaint or any other communication related to the course, please contact your Trainer or

10. Disputes

The Client agrees that in the case of any dispute, they will cooperate in good faith to try and resolve the matter internally, referring it to the respective Trainer or contact person in EpiCoaching Academy, before taking legal action. The delivery of the courses and the Proposals are governed by the law of the country in which the contract has been signed.

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