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Through coaching we are at service to allow our partners to craft a present reality that impacts their future and that allows all living beings, approaches, wisdom, cultures, talents and skills to flourish and thrive. We commit to generate a creative engaging learning space that supports a prosperous evolution of the planet.

A Thousand Gardens

This project was born with the purpose to increase access to food for people in South Africa and to promote collaboration, support and connection among people.

The Salt River Nature Park Team in Cape Town has recently formed, with the amazing support of the people in this team, a Non-Profit Organisation called ‘Neighbourhood Gardens – Just Grow Food’. The mission is to grow gardens in the community and beyond that focus on producing organic nutritious food for people while providing habitat for indigenous plants and wildlife.

The first organic food garden has been built and was celebrated with the Official Opening on October 3rd 2020 – The Kipling Street Food Gardens in Salt River. The team transformed an unused, overgrown municipal lane into a food garden. The garden is maintained and harvested by the immediate neighbours, who eat from the garden and circulate any surplus into their immediate surroundings.

The goal of this project is to increase access to food for people, in a South Africa that is cringing under the heavy economical impacts of the COVID lockdown, with lots of people struggling to put food on the table. The bigger vision is to create a network of gardens in the community which will increasingly achieve the goal of feeding the people. At the same time these gardens are home to an array of indigenous plants which create habitat and food for the local insects, birds and other wildlife too.

EpiCoaching Academy is so proud and grateful to be able to support this wonderful project! With our professional coaches and trainers, we partner with the purpose to allow their team to expand and impact the society in a positive way.

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Biodiversity at our heart

This project was born with the intention to promote and support the conservation and protection of biodiversity at Ilha do Príncipe.

We are proud to partner with Fundação Príncipe, a local conservation NGO based on Príncipe Island (
With a team of around 50 people, 98% of which are local, Fundação works to promote the sustainable social and economic development of the local communities, integrating a participatory approach with the conservation of the local natural resources and protection on the island’s amazing biodiversity. Estrela Matilde is leading the organization, developing local leaders, and working towards her future unemployment at Fundação, dreaming with the day that someone on her team will replace her in the future. Fundação Príncipe is changing the world, one island at the time.
EpiCoaching Academy, with its professional coaches and trainers, partners to support the evolution of Fundação Príncipe through coaching, with the purpose to allow their leaders to expand and impact the society in a positive way.

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