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“As a man thinks in his heart, so he is” - I’m a storyteller and a mother. I’ve been working as an educator, a ghost-writer and a trainer. Experience taught me to acknowledge and trust the effective power that words, images and stories have on our lives: they shape our present and future. That’s why, according to my motto, I turned myself into a “back to front storyteller”: instead of only writing afterwards what I have experienced and gone through, I also write first what I want to live. As a Coach, I’m here to listen carefully and heartfully to you so that you can "write" yourself and live the story you wish and be consciously happy ever after.

Santa Claus in my Cave: Story-living and Professional Coaching

Hi all, Human Fellows. In this month I’ve been consciously moved through my hero journey for the umpteenth time and, of course, I got into the cave where I had to cope up with my so-called enemies. And there, to my great surprise and joy, I met Santa Claus, too! Let’s start from the beginning.

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