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Our training programs received the ACTP, ACSTH and CCE accreditation from ICF and they are fully aligned with the ICF coaching standards. Through our courses you can access cutting-edge tools and resources to expand your knowledge and bring your career to high levels of success and satisfaction.

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What we do

EpiCoaching Academy offers highly advanced, innovative and pioneering training.
Our programs provide different types of training, tools, techniques and resources for you to thrive in the new world that is emerging.
Our faculty members developed unique advanced skills to customize our programs to the needs of young generations, professionals, managers, entrepreneurs, coaches, mentors, trainers, teachers and of those who are willing to bring their professional and personal life to a higher level of mastery.
Among other courses, we deliver coach training and mentoring programs for those who want to begin a coaching practice and establish their coaching business, or for the coaches who want to enhance and expand their coaching skills.

Coaching Education

Learn the ICF Standards of professional coaching through a cutting-edge approach that allows you to thrive in the new emerging world.

Coaching Education​

Increase your ability to master the coaching competencies in alignment with the ICF Standards, in order to apply for an ICF credential.


Learn how to coach as a leader, to develop your levels of autonomy with your teams and shift your perspective by introducing new ways of learning and being.


Learn the techniques to access your resources and to develop your talents to thrive in your coaching business by finding your voice and your niche.


Transform your life, impact your business or your projects by using powerful coaching tools and learn how to apply them to every domains of your life.


Partner with one of our coaches through a sustainable coaching program that is aligned with your uniqueness and empower yourself to reach your goals.

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EpiCoaching Academy

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EpiCoaching Academy

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EpiCoaching Academy

Susana Bogalho

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EpiCoaching Academy

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EpiCoaching Academy

Zonke Cebekhulu

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EpiCoaching Academy

Daniela Boetti

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EpiCoaching Academy

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Empowering the World through Coaching

EpiCoaching Academy and our Faculty Members respect the ICF Code of Ethics. We are committed to empower our clients through coaching as defined by ICF: a thought-provoking process that inspires the clients to maximize their potential.

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Work with our highly skilled and qualified trainers and mentors, in alignment with the ICF standards.

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