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What do we offer?

EpiCoaching Academy offers a variety of training programs for those who want to engage in an ongoing process to develop their skills and enhance their talents. We provide the tools, the techniques, and the resources to individuals and organizations who are committed to thrive in what they do, and to those who are determined to embrace the challenges of the unknown emerging world. 

Learn from Industry Leaders

Work with our highly qualified trainers and mentors, in alignment with the ICF standards in terms of Ethics and Competency Model.

Online Learning in Synchronous

Get access to your courses with ease, manage and sustain your progress with the support of your mentor.

Professional Training

Partner with us to build your professional evolution and to enhance your talents through our highly spcialized courses.

EpiCoaching Academy Global Presence

Our Clients

Angola, Belgium, Brunei, Cape Verde, Dubai, Finland, Georgia, Germany, Ghana, India, Ireland, Italy, Jordan, Mozambique, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, South Africa, Tanzania, UK, USA, Zimbabwe.

Our Collaborations

Brazil, USA, Ilha do Príncipe, Germany, South Africa, Israel, Romania, Thailand

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Our Courses

EpiCoaching Academy offers highly advanced, innovative and pioneering training, coaching and mentoring services. Our programs provide different types of training, tools, techniques and resources for you to thrive in the new world that is emerging.
Our faculty members developed unique advanced skills to customize our programs to the needs of young generations, professionals, managers, entrepreneurs, coaches, mentors, trainers, teachers and of those who are willing to bring their professional and personal life to a higher level of mastery.
Among other services, we deliver coach training and mentoring programs for those who want to begin a coaching practice and establish their coaching business, or for the coaches who want to enhance and expand their coaching skills.

Our programs are entirely aligned with the ICF Code of Ethic and the ICF Competency Model.

Coaching Education

Learn the ICF Standards of professional coaching through a cutting-edge approach that allows you to thrive in the new emerging world.

Coaching Education​

Increase your ability to master the coaching competencies in alignment with the ICF Standards, in order to apply for an ICF credential.

Video Testimonials

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EpiCoaching Academy

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EpiCoaching Academy

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EpiCoaching Academy

Powerful Training

starts with evoking empowering transformation in your own life. All human beings are unique and so is their style and approach to learning. That is why our trainers and mentors are committed and equipped to partner with you in evoking your own wisdom, by enhancing the resources and the talents that you already have. We are ready to welcome your uniqueness and support you in making it your strengths, by honoring all of who you are, wherever you are in the journey of life.

Our Values, Vision & Mission

Everyone is different. Every organization is different and made by unique human beings. When what you value the most is congruent with what you do, you are standing in your integrity. That is why at EpiCoaching Academy we commit to act upon what inspires us, what drives us and what are the results that we want to produce through our Academy’s services. Here you can learn more about our Academy, about our values, our vision and our mission.

Our Vibrant Academy

offers you the best place to learn, practice and set up your own career or your own successful business. The prefix epi- means upon, above, over, upper, in addition to. In epigenetics, epi- implies features that are “on top of” the traditional genetic basis for inheritance, beyond the genes. That is what we are here for: to offer you courses that brings your skills above and beyond. Our courses gives you the tools and the resources to enhance and expand your skills, your knowledge and your awareness, so that you can ride the wave of the emerging world and thrive in it for who you truly are.
Our Mission

We partner with you

to allow you to have a great experience in learning and craft your personal and professional life. We are at service of our clients to inspire them to creating a reality in the present that impacts in their future and that allows all living beings, approaches, wisdom, cultures, talents and skills to flourish and thrive. We commit to generate a creative engaging learning space that supports your prosperous evolution in all domains of your life.

We believe coaching can make the difference: through coaching, our mission is to promote the expansion of human beings’ awareness, so that they can embrace their Light, the Light of humanity as a whole and take care of nature and the whole planet.

We are at your desk

Learn with ease…with us!

Our Founders

We love to put our experience and knowledge at service of those who are willing to leverage them to thrive!
You are welcome to learn more about EpiCoaching Academy and about who we are. Please, click on our pics below to read more about us.

Pioneer and open new paths

“I am at service of individuals and organizations who want to pioneer and open new paths.”

Disability, Discrimination & DEIJ Statement

At EpiCoaching Academy we celebrate diversity and we respect the unique life journey and life choices of all people. We know that promoting diversity, equity, inclusion and justice in our Community and in our Academy it has a positive impact in the world. We believe that organizations must recognize their key role to ensure that any strategies developed seek to address these issues and create a more just society.


Our Trainers are all PCC coaches, they are Mentors in the ICF Mentor Registry, worldwide recognized and highly skilled in global professional training and coach training.


Our training programs are fully aligned with the standards designed by International Coaching Federation (ICF), in terms of coaching competencies and ethics.


Our Academy gives you the opportunity to practice coaching since the early days of your training, so that you can be fully prepared to meet your clients’ needs and to succeed in what you do.

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Our Happy Clients!

“In the Fall of 2021 I contacted Cristina for a personalized Mentoring service, specifically focused on the sessions to be submitted to the ICF for the MCC assessment. I’d been very impressed by her presentation, her international profile and specific training and our chemistry call then confirmed and expanded my absolutely positive impression. Our mentoring process was characterized by great respect for my coaching peculiarities, by enormous competence and an enveloping, pleasant style ... beautiful! Certainly my path with Cristina contributed to passing the ICF assessment with an excellent rating; I’ve been an MCC since February 2022.”
Gianfranco Nocilla
Master Certified Coach MCC - Italy
“I approached Cristina when I decided I wanted to improve my leadership skills and adopt a more proactive / positive approach to work and life in general. Cristina has been incredibly helpful and she has sparked all sorts of new ideas and inspirations, that I am sure will serve me in the future. During my coaching sessions, I felt very creative and open to what may come next. Cristina is a very approachable, inspiring and caring person, who makes you feel at total ease. I totally recommend Cristina!”
Elisa Bianco
Investment Banking M&A Director – UK (London)
"I had the opportunity to meet Angela and start my journey with her and visualize how far we can go when we have clarity, always conducting very well structured meetings, productive conversations with focus and awareness of the central point that we needed to understand about me, about the other, about the whole. Learning from Angela was an adventure of knowledge and discovery. Angela has a keen perception to put us in a peaceful reflection due to the trust that she quickly establishes. It was an immense pleasure and I am immensely grateful for each question and demonstration of what it is really like to hear with a will and how these skills transform."
Jessica Molina
Coach & Speaker
"When I started my coaching journey with Angela I was very skeptical and thought to myself: how can someone that doesn't know me neither the people I work with help me in overcome my daily challenges and become a better professional? Well, after one month I wasn't skeptical anymore... I was 100% sure that Angela was helping break my self-imposed boundaries. She never hesitated to ask the questions and issues that we tend to avoid and that make us leave our comfort zone and enter our growing path! She's also an expert in making us talk in a way that, by ourselves, allows us put our challenges in perspective so that we can clearly understand how we can go from A to B in our career and what we should in order to get there. I totally recommend and encourage anyone to work with Angela. I'm absolutely sure that her invaluable insight will help any professional regardless the experience that they already have."
Ruben Ruiz
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Specialist/Certified ScrumMaster
"I could appreciate Cristina's work of as a coach, as a trainer and as a mentor. I really like her mental clarity, her empathetic approach, her ability to find solutions that transform obstacles into opportunities. She is an excellent professional who is able to support you to make your goals come true."
Gianni Ferrario
"Cristina's approach is intuitive and holistic. She is very supportive and she truly believes in her client. Her warm, collaborative style supported me to have a greater self awareness and better understanding of what is important me. I highly recommend Cristina to anyone looking to make positive changes in their lives and business.."
Britta Siggelkow
Strategic Thinking Partner + Leadership Coach
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